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What is SDR as a Service?

SDR stands for "Sales Development Representative." A SDR is responsible for prospecting & qualifying leads, outreaching, and booking meetings for your sales team. By working with our SDR as a Service, the continuity & quality of your lead generation is guaranteed." Having a dedicated Sales Development Representative working within your organization as a silent growth partner is a highly beneficial asset.

Why SDR as a Service?

Outsourcing sales is cost-efficient & scalable for businesses looking to grow their top-funnel leads. SDR as a Service leads to cost reduction on recruitment, on-boarding, training, and coaching new sales employees.

Fully Managed Service

We perfectly extend your current sales team

Playbook Design

The ability to achieve your sales objectives are dependent upon three main variables: ideal PERSON, ideal MESSAGE, and ideal TIME. The first step to running a successful campaign is to create a plan. We complete our Sales Playbook in order to create that plan so that we can achieve your campaign goals faster and more consistently.

SDR as a Service

We constantly monitor and fine-tune all elements of our campaigns. You will have a direct, dedicated resource working behind the scenes in conjunction with your team to outreach & develop relationships within your target market, nurture your prospects via multiple touch points, and book meetings directly into your calendar.

Account Management

At Ninja Partners, we have experienced Account Managers who work alongside your dedicated SDR agent(s) and act as a single point of contact to our clients. Your dedicated Account Manager will train the SDR agent who is most relevant for your specific industry, manage the campaigns overall, report on agent activities/results, and keep you informed weekly on the progress of your campaigns.

Our Process

We seamlessly work alongside your sales team


We identify your key customers, obtain verified contact information of the person in the organization most suitable to handle your case, and all information is stored into your own database.


Our Ninja team will investigate each prospect in your database and run a 10 step qualification process to ensure that all leads are indeed optimal targets and a worthwhile prospect to spend time pursuing.


Ninja runs highly customized campaigns and targets the perfect customers on multiple channels. We convert your leads over Email, LinkedIn, Twitter, instagram, Facebook and via the contact form on their website.


Once we have built a database with your optimal customers, we send out personalized connection requests, engage with their content, and follow up with all connections to convert them into sales. Once targets are interested, meetings will be booked directly into the calendars of your sales team.


We help you grow your existing business

Sales Process

Through a partnership between our clients and their dedicated account managers, we create and implement a structured sales process for your product or service. Our experience gives us the required knowledge to fine-tune top to bottom pipeline management to ensure consistency and an effective customer journey.


Our SDR agents are fully trained on each client's product or service. The Account Manager provides your new SDR with all required tools and templates required to deliver the best practice and service. We take the time to understand your expectations, business goals, and set deliverables.

CRM Management

Your SDR agent can manage and update all records and new leads directly in your existing CRM. If you don't yet have a developed CRM, a Ninja Consultant can help you setup and configure your choice of CRM systems to keep all of your sales opportunities in one place. We can guide your through key metrics and how to navigate your sales process.

Sales Development Representatives

We have a wide range of quality SDRs


Optimized processes to get you up and running fast

Discovery Call

Working alongside your Ninja Account Manager, we will create a Sales Playbook and clear plan for your campaigns. Using your expertise of your industry & clientele, combined with Ninja's expertise of sales & pipeline management, a bulletproof structure will be created during the client on-boarding call.

Playbook Design

We study every product or service that we add to our portfolio extensively and conduct research into the segment, company, or even the person we are focusing on targeting. What are developments and trends in the market< What are the plans and challenges the prospect and their organization are facing?

"Go Live!"

After all preparatory work is done, your campaign will go LIVE! Your dedicated SDR agent will update newly qualified leads daily and complete multi-touch tasks designed to nurture your prospects and convert them into meetings with our intuitive software. You will also receive weekly reporting via your Account Manager.

What clients say about us

Customer Reviews

Seriously, why should you outsource your sales development?
You want to grow your business and we can help you with that. Let Ninja generate a fully pipeline of qualified sales meetings for your sales team and start increasing revenue in only three months (or less!).

Your SDR will provide your sales team with consistent leads that are qualified. No need for your sales team to do prospecting, let them focus on closing deals.

At the end it is a numbers game. The more meetings your sales team has, the more sales your business is going to make. With our service your sales team will be closing more deals than ever before.

Because we take over the hiring, training and managing of your SDR’s you save time and money. 

With the help of our management team we can onboard new agents for your business fast and bring in results with short return cycles.

SDR as a Service

We fill your sales pipeline with qualified sales meetings to ensure your sales team can focus on growing revenue.

3 Month Campaign

$ 4900 Per Month
  • 1 SDR Agent
  • Sales Playbook
  • Data Specialist
  • Account Manager
  • Management Team
  • Sales Engineer

6 Month Campaign

$ 3800 Per Month
  • 1 SDR Agent
  • Sales Playbook
  • Data Specialist
  • Account Manager
  • Management Team
  • Sales Engineer

12 Month Campaign

$ 3200 Per Month
  • 1 SDR Agent
  • Sales Playbook
  • Data Specialist
  • Account Manager
  • Management Team
  • Sales Engineer

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