Ninja Services

We are like Ninjas. Super efficient and remain unseen, so your brand can shine.

Cold Email Marketing

We verify a database of prospects, setup a cold email marketing campaign and win leads for your business

LinkedIn Marketing

We build a database of potential customers, reach out to them via LinkedIn and evaluate interested leads

Account Based Marketing

We create a list of highly targeted accounts and communicate through available channels

Content Creation

To build more trust and to stay in the head of prospects we create educational and promotional content to post on Social Media, Blog or Newsletter

Social Media Management

We manage your content and distribute it to social media platforms. We analyse the performance of the content and help to create a feedback loop between content creators and sales agents, to better the ROI of your social media campaigns

Customer Support

We qualify and nurture leads to hand over to your sales agents and manage incoming support tickets of existing customers.

Paid Advertising

We create, analyse and optimise your paid advertising campaigns on Google & Facebook. We boost your sales with highly qualified inbound leads.

Sales Agents

Let us manage your entire sales process and build a team of sales agents that are always ready to sell your products and services

Staff Training

We train your staff to adapt to new standards in marketing, sales and support.

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